The risk of any complications or eye infections as a result of contact lens wear is extremely low and is usually the result of poor hygiene. Research shows that risk is also increased for smokers and for wearers who sleep or swim with their lenses in.

Your chance of developing a problem can be reduced by following some simple golden rules:

favicon-martin-james Visit us regularly for check-ups

favicon-martin-james Clean and disinfect your lenses exactly as advised

favicon-martin-james Ensure your hands are clean when handling your lenses

favicon-martin-james Replace your lenses regularly as directed

favicon-martin-james Never rinse your lenses with tap water

favicon-martin-james Don’t sleep in lenses

favicon-martin-james Don’t swim with contact lenses unless you are wearing watertight goggles

favicon-martin-james Don’t wear your lenses if you are suffering from a heavy cold or flu

favicon-martin-james Replace your lens case every month

When in doubt - take them out!

If your eyes are red and sore or photophobic(sensitive to light) take your lenses out straightaway. If after a few hours your eyes are still red and sore phone the practice immediately for advice. If this happens to be outside our Practice hours call NHS 24 on phone number 0845 4647.
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